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Albanian chat live sex

Located at the foot of the Sar Mountains, this city was first inhabited by the Romans in second century AD, while the Ottomans and the Byzantines also left their mark in the architecture of the cityscape.

Luckily it was also spared destruction during the 1999 conflict.

In the evening enjoy a traditional Balkan dinner with your group. In the rugged north the Alps are so fierce they're deemed 'accursed', while the south enjoys one of Europe’s least known and most beautiful coastlines.

After breakfast, transfer to Tirana, a drive of about 4-5 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic into Tirana. A unique mixture of cultures and customs, Tirana is filled with craziness, from its traffic to its nightlife, but on its doorstep are mosques, citadels, Ottoman architecture, and a stunning dose of the medieval Balkans.

The Sveti Naum Monastery is also a great option, lying on the shores of the lake south of town, with well-kept grounds that are home to peacocks.

The ancient Tast Samoil’s Fortress stands on the top of Ohrid Hill and looks across the town, while a 2,000-year-old Roman theatre was uncovered near the Upper Gate – in summer it’s again being used for concerts and performances.

Take it slow as we cross the border into Albania and continue to the remote and rarely visited town of Berat, a gem of a town that was lucky to escape destruction during communist times.

Learn about the city on an orientation walk before climbing up to the still inhabited fortress for fantastic views over town, or simply mingle with locals in the park. Their warmth to strangers is infectious and you’re bound to find yourself swapping stories over a glass of raki or three.

There are no activities planned before the meeting, so if you arrive early there are plenty of things to keep you busy.

The 30 mosques, innumerable caravanserais and hamams that fill its winding streets are a testament to Skopje’s Ottoman past.

Take a step back to those times with a visit to the Daut Pasha Hamam, or journey through the humbling Holocaust Museum to learn how Macedonia suffered during this tragic chapter of history.

Its unusual, part-ruined exterior is a result of the 1963 earthquake.

The large clock on the outside of the building is frozen at , the moment the earthquake shook the city.

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Check out regional hot spots and experience a hefty dollop of cultural hospitality on this immersive 12-day journey. If you arrive early in Bulgaria's laidback capital perhaps get to know the city with a stroll to the city gardens or try your first delicious banitsa pastry.

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