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Bow cassie dating wow

and Paladins' snubbing the traditional fantasy concepts and putting in those insanely awesome techno-fantasy/science fantasy twists is what drew me to the game so passionately in the first place. Tho yes, her backstory might have to be adjusted, since part of it was about Cassie using her Dad's Bow...

actually, there was quite a few ppls that was asking for this change, especially back when they gave the hint of "twang" that suggested a String weapon that turns out to be Sha Lin. But even then, the Bow have been changed once already back in CBT. But downgraded to wood cause we're sticking with the medieval age with magic and crystal powered technology Sorry if this may be late, but I agree with you that the bow looks better on her still compared to a crossbow.

Just looking at how she looks with a crossbow makes me feel she looks better with a short bow anyway.

Why don't they just give her bow a slight reword to look like an actual short bow instead of outright replacing it with a crossbow?

After being introduced by members of the Hot 104.1 line up, security had to push the screaming fans back.

You could reach out to them a 1,000x's and Still they will do the same thing over and over again... Some ppl dont take thier medication and are in denile they are mentally ill and want to feel normal or as if they dont need medication.It's shortbow, those weapons are designed to be effective in mid range. Not really an original one, but it's neat and simple in the good way. At this point in the game, suddenly shifting her weapon off now that it's an established part of her as a character that's been in the game this long, and also as a character that is frequently used to represent Paladins as a whole on gaming sites, Twitter, Steam, and even at the end of videos used right now to promote the game.The genre-- the game-- can allow for more than one bow user, even if it, like many concepts in Paladins, thumbs it's nose at the conventional... she literally doesn't need to load them up that much, it's like placing the same energy flask as her ammo load from her Bow.Bow Wow also took the opportunity to plug his Album “The Price of Fame”, which drops Tuesday, December 19.But at the end of the day, Bow Wow says that his showing the Bluejackets some love was all about teaching them the importance of getting the proper tools to succeed.

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