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Dating isex

It wasn't a peck on the cheek; saliva was involved.

Last August, Restoration Hardware chief Gary Friedman, 54, had to step down because his company's board confronted him about a relationship with a 26-year-old employee.

As further proof that the highest echelons of business are not that different from your average episode, the board was clued in by the employee's former boyfriend.

And in November, Christopher Kubasik, who'd been recently promoted to CEO of Lockheed Martin, was fired before he even had a chance to warm the big chair after admitting to a "close personal relationship" with a subordinate.

The outgoing CEO reportedly said he was "deeply saddened" by what he called "a very unfortunate moment." I'm sure whoever he was seeing was These were, apparently, office affairs of the Lewinsky subtype, where the balance of power is so uneven that the relationship seems unsavory.

Such relationships, say employment attorneys, end up in high-level firings because even if sexual pressure by the boss to the underling is not overt, it may be implied.

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