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Dating life am

As you can imagine, this made my relationships disastrous.Terrified of rejection and crippled by a lack of self-worth, I would avoid any scenario where I could get shot down, and by extension, have my toxic idea of myself validated.The segment was about a matchmaking service that uses facial recognition to match people.

MAKING A MOVE Everything you could possibly want from your dating life comes from making a move. But first, let’s define ‘making a move’: To unpack that – it requires you to embrace the fact you don’t know what is going to happen, and it requires you to embrace vulnerability (read: discomfort, anxiety, fear) through exposing yourself.

And most of all, it requires that you actually ; something that you can measure how much you are engaging with it, by how often you are exposing yourself to your fear and anxiety in relationships, rather than avoiding or trying to control them.

If you ever want to know if you’ve gone off-piste – just check in with your anxiety, and see if you’re heading towards it or running away from it.

Matchmaking services, however, serve as a happy compromise.

It’s more personal than online dating and still has that organic set up feel that I love—with the added benefit of a larger pool of men to draw from. While being set up with a friend of a friend seems ideal, it can lead to some uncomfortable situations when the relationship doesn’t work out.

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Each New Year I have one or two resolutions for my dating life.

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