Dating new gibson guitars

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Dating new gibson guitars

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Call 2 or email me at [email protected] end of the Golden Era-the Gibson executives decide on what changes will make the 335 (or in this case, the 345) more competitive with the rival Fender line. Most of us will acknowledge that the most desirable 335’s are 58 and 59 dot necks.

It took longer to install a stop tail than it did to install a trapeze. More important was the decrease in the nut width, dictated largely by competition from Fender where thinner meant faster (and we all wanted to be faster).

Imagine the vintage 335 market if 67’s had the wide nut and the big profile of a 59.

Since this era is largely our own perception of what’s desirable and what isn’t, you have to assume that something changed.

Was it simply that Gibson and later Norlin, made inferior guitars? So, what happened following the so-called “Golden Era”?

This might help explain the price differential between a 68 and a 78 but it doesn’t do much to explain the differential between a 59 and a 68.

If you want to email me, you can find me at [email protected] Mouse ear cutaways are no better than the pointy ones from late 63 on but they command a premium. It ended, in part, because the current demand is for wide nut guitars and Gibson, in it’s wisdom, blinked and followed Fenders lead for a “faster” neck.And further, in the quest for a less labor intensive tailpiece, Gibson went to the trapeze.I believe I could take a 67, put on a set of early patents, a stop tail and re-neck it with a wider mahogany neck and present you with a guitar you would swear was a 64 and you’d like it a lot.The big dollars that 58-64’s command is not arbitrary.

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It is no secret that the quality in 67 is not as consistent as it was in 59.

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