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Dating sitzendorf marks

However, the experts are arguing between themselves about this obscure area of German pottery marks.According to the excellent (but difficult to navigate) website pm&..."The info on the 'von Schierholz' factory is full of errors.Nowadays it is now known as Porcelain Manufactory Plaue, thus, the PMP part of the mark under the crown in their new marking.

Otherwise no obvious signs of chips, cracks or restoration.The other clue would be to look at the quality of the item.Peter (admin) This mark IS attributed to Coburg in various marks books and online sources but what most fail to say is that the Coburg factory that used this mark was established in 1739 and ceased trading in 1785.There is no such factory as Dresden Coburg and never has been. His particular point is that the Von Schierholz factory was not bought by Royal Tettau but by Seltmann Weiden which was the parent company of Koniglich Tettau ( Royal Tettau ) and the Von Schierholz company was administered by Koniglich Tettau.The current situation is that Von Schierholz no longer exists and that both Seltmann Weiden and Koniglich Tettau are companies in the `umbrella` PMP 1817, Porzellanmanufactur Plaue - organisation. A page that offers what is pretty well incontrovertible evidence of the company that used the `hash mark.

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Sitzendorf figures - Male figure with left thumb broken off.

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