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Posted by / 20-Nov-2017 17:10

When you’re inclined to make judgements about yourself off the back of Other People’s Behaviour, hanging onto the dodgiest of friendships after a breakup is a way of feeling less rejected – stop seeking a rejection retraction.

You will only end up feeling worse and this is a time for you to be nurturing you. Friends don’t try to eff you, eff you over, or to eff with your mind. I hear the most painful stories of readers practically beating down ex’s doors to demand the friendship that was ‘promised’.

You have different values – it’s probably why you’re no longer together… Never be friends with an ex to give them the ‘opportunity’ to treat you better.

This isn’t The X Factor where you offer up a wildcard. Evaluate where an ex that mistreated you fits into your future. Don’t you think it will be a bit odd when you say why you broke up?

You will get to choose not just ecards with excellent visuals but also touching messages that make you feel as if you have personally written those lines.

You will get an integrated events calendar on our website.It’s like collecting trophies that say “I’m so special, all of my ex’s want to stay friends with me”.In the small print it says “…and slip me a shag, an ego stroke, and a shoulder to lean on”.A ‘friendship’ to stem the loss, will delay the inevitable and possibly make it worse.Accept that it’s over first before you go down the friendship route. Friendship is more than a word – it’s a sum of consistent and repeated actions.

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