Nick starcevic and jen johnson dating

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Upon returning to the House later that day, Daniele chose to change her own nominations by removing Amber from the block, and successfully backdooring Jen.On Day 56, Amber was put up for a third time by Head of Household Jessica.She went on to form an alliance with Dick, Eric and Jessica during the sixth week.She often argued with House Guest Jen in the house, as did numerous other House Guests.During her stay in the House, Amber had a close friendship with fellow House Guest Dustin.

On Day 48, her good friend Dustin was evicted from the House.

Carol Journey (born 1986), 29, is a student from Lawrence, Kansas, born and raised in Haysville, Kansas.

Carol attends the University of Kansas and is part of their dance team.

On Day 50, Amber and Daniele won a trip out of the House during the Veto competition.

Despite coming close, Amber lost the Veto Competition to Daniele.

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  1. “When someone expresses an interest in you, whether it’s with a message, a ‘like’ or a ‘wink’ it’s like ‘BOOM! It’s this little daily self-esteem boost – A way of flirting with no consequences and without even having the leave the house”.

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