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Quickie sex hook ups

After coming home from these fights, I would fuck my wife with an intensity so powerful that she couldn't contain her screams of pleasure.

After the first time that happened I told her that it was the pent up energy from working extra hours at work combined with a new higher energy diet. I gave her five orgasms, including a squirting orgasm that soaked our bed.

As I became a more regular client with some of these woman they became comfortable with fucking me.At first my business mentality led to higher salaries, but after a while a little extra money stops seeming like much when you have all your basic desires acquired. So instead I started embezzling money so that I could have some income hidden from wife to use on my secret vices. These fights were always more raw and interesting to me then professional fights that were probably being rigged by much richer gamblers than me. I gambled for the pure adrenaline rush of feeling a part of these underground fights. Other times, I watched fights between women in which the competitors would try to strip their opponent and win points by groping them and pleasuring them.The winner of the fight would then fuck the loser with a strap-on in front of a cheering crowd.Please hurry with your job so that I can get the pleasure of firing and charging the ballsy fucker who thought they could get away with stealing from me.""Yes ma’am"The problem was that I had been the one to steal the money.Our firm was making such exorbitant margins that I thought there would be no way that anyone would notice sixty thousand gone missing.

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