Rules for dating a hockey player

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Rules for dating a hockey player

They find ways to have the difficult conversations in the knowledge that burying problems doesn't make them go away.

They seem to use a simple formula of the 70-20-10 rule in conversations: 70 per cent listening, 20 per cent enquiring with just the right amount of advocacy, and 10 per cent tracking (i.e., summarizing and synthesizing information, and providing possible courses of action). A leader who gets their team to click is not afraid to talk about the tough stuff.Once tempers had cooled, fists had lowered, and peace been achieved, the two coaches decided to celebrate their armistice by going out together for a beer - A Hockey Beer.Maybe it was the raised emotions of the ruckus fueled by a couple of cold beers, but the coaches soon found themselves discussing how they could do something for the game they loved so much.No surprise Blind Hockey is truly a Canadian invention as there is no evidence to suggest that it is played anywhere else in the world.(A google search will yield many versions of blind field hockey but no other ice hockey programs).

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15 – 20 years ago the sport was thriving so much that there were full rosters and stories of heated rivalries between Edmonton and Calgary, and Quebec and Montreal to name a few.