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Divers who book a package of five dives get a sixth for free.

Omar switches on the computer in his diving school because he wants to show us a You Tube video. Omar says that technical diving requires discipline, but that there are always tourists in Dahab who party until three in the morning and then go diving in the Blue Hole at 9 a.m. He encountered a Swedish diver on his way down, at 90 meters along the outer wall of the Blue Hole.

The crazy ones who are determined to get that number into their diving computers -- "the magical 100," with which they hope to impress women at the clubs -- are enough to drive him to despair, he says. 7, 2011, Moscow native Igor Shalo dove down to a depth of 150 meters. The Swedish diver says that Shalo's movements were shaky, but that he had signaled that he was okay by making a circle with his thumb and index finger.

Water pipes gather dust in the junk shops, and hotels and bars sit alongside safari agencies and diving bases. Some 52 are registered, and then there are the diving schools that operate without licenses.

Because of the tough competition, prices are low; diving is a discount business in Dahab.

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