Who is snsd dating

Posted by / 10-Oct-2017 12:09

Most of the SM dispatch dating scandals were paid for by YG.

There is discord within the group due to resource imbalance between the members. Yoona and lee suengi, taeyeon and baekyun are still dating. There is a giant poster of a western model in the entrance of exo’s dorm, fans guess miranda kerr DO has a lot of connections within the korean entertainment industry.Seohyun has a boyfriend, oprobably will be announced before their comeback for mediaplay.Sehun is straight, has lot of previous girlfriends, but they dont last very long.and it is april now and all his/her statements about exo’s activities in korea and china came true.— 20 will be the most important years in Exo’s career.

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We can’t know for certain whether this is true, but what SM’s actions reveal regardless is that SNSD no longer need to be available to the public as “the nation’s girl group.” They are no longer public property.